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MyTown Media Ltd is a media company that specialises in hyperlocal news and advertising services for local communities.

Launched in 2010 we have gained the trust and respect of the communities we serve and advertisers have recognised the benefits we offer through our sites and our social networks.

Attracting over 40,000 unique users per month our highly successful news based web sites and reflect the pace in which people are switching from the print media to online alternatives faster than anyone in the industry predicted.

Staffed by experienced media professionals our award winning websites have been at the forefront in developing hyperlocal media innovation in the UK as recognised by NESTA.

MyTown Media Ltd is owned and operated by a team of three vastly experienced media professionals and an IT expert.

David Williams has 28+ years of experience in the media industry.

He cut his teeth as a trainee with North Wales Newspapers. David has worked on local, national and international newspapers and is also an established marketing and communications consultant with extensive experience in the Middle East.

Owain Betts has worked in and with the media for over 30 years.

He began his career in Montgomeryshire in 1989 at 16 as a junior reporter and went on to work for a number of local and regional media, finally becoming a news editor.

In 1999 he moved into media relations, marketing and PR, working for a range of private and public companies, organisations and the government.

He became a freelance PR and communications consultant in 2011 and also works as an independent photojournalist and writer with national agencies and media outlets.

Alan Davies is our 'techie' and developed the MyTown news sites and keeps them all running smoothly.

He has both undergraduate and postgraduate engineering degrees and 20+ years web development experience while contracting for organisations such as The Health Protection Agency, The Environment Agency and several NHS trusts. Alan started his software development career with a software house specialising in online auctions back in 1999 following spells working as a sales engineer in the UK and NZ.


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